Peter Wood
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Peter Wood (b.1948) was born in Cleveland where he lived in a housing project until moving to the inner suburb of Cleveland Heights at 8-years-old. His parents were both interested in avant garde art and growing up nothing was so valued in his household as the spirit of the uncompromising artist. Peter dropped out of high school to pursue his dream of "the artist adventurer," and has spent the last 35 years traveling across the globe aboard buses and freighters seeking and finding adventure and inspiration for his art. Wood is a completely self taught painter whose highly personal style has never changed since his early childhood. He paints with six tubes of oils, using his fingers to spread and blend the paint across the canvas. He has been called a primitivist, a naif, and a colorist. Among his favorite subjects are anarchist philosophers, avant garde artists, revolutionaries, and jazz and blues figures (all his heroes). Recently, Peter has invented some strong new images that strike the viewer as both propaganda and whimsy. He has been exhibited widely, including one man shows in Santa Barbara, California and Alamos, Mexico. Headfooters will be exhibiting a retrospective of Peter Wood's career beginning in June, 2002.

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