Headfooters Outsider Art Gallery announces our upcoming exhibition,

Inner Navigations

November 3 - December 30

It is with singular pleasure and gret excitement that we announce our newest exhibition, ALEXANDRA HUBER: Inner Navigations. Already a rising star at the time we first showed her work at Headfooters in 2002 (WHERE IS THE OUTSIDE?: Outsider Artists from Here, There, and Everywhere), she has continued to dazzle fans, collectors, and critics around the globe. Alexandra's artistic journey was born out of frustration, boredom, and a deep lack of fulfillment. In the late 1980s, in search of a part of herself that was more than wife, mother, family therapist, she began painting "still lives, apples in a bowl, portraits and other things at the dining room table". Her highly original and personal style, featuring a quality of line that is as free and unselfconscious as a four year old child's, emerged quickly, and by 1992 she was having her first group and solo shows in and around her home town of Munich. By 2000, she was a fixture at major international art fairs (Art Frankfurt, Art Santa Fe, Outsider Art Fair (NYC), Arco Madrid). In the summer of 2003, Headfooters mounted her first major solo exhibition in the United States, about which Eleanor Le Beau wrote, "Powerful...mesmerizing...the best and most refreshing visual arts offering of the year...." (SCENE, vol. 34, num. 33). In recent years she has been a smash hit at Art Vienna, Art Shanghai, and Art Moscow. Alexandra's deeply human work translates to every language and recognizes no boarders.

In INNER NAVIGATIONS we present 37 new pieces (from 2005-2006) which range in size from six inch square works on paper to five by seven foot wall-sized canvases. Using a variety of media-- acrylic, oil stick, graphite and collage elements-- Alexandra draws and paints the small, important, everyday aspects of the human condition that define us as individuals, yet bind us through common experience. The painter and writer, Douglas Max Utter, wrote in his essay "Inside Out-- Revelations Of The Self" for Alexandra's 2004 catalog, BLICK ZURUCK NACH VORN, "There is something inexplicable and miraculous about a Huber image, as if it has come from "outside" -- from some part of the self beyond expectation, or education, or purely conscious intention, sent to teach and transform and delight the artist herself." And, of course, her work teaches, transforms, and delights all of us at the same time.