"Genius is simply childhood recovered at will" -Baudelaire

"A masters diploma in self-taught art has to be earned the hard way: there are no short cuts through its unpredictable syllabus, and there is no institutional authority to supervise and review what goes on.... Mature self-taught artists tend to have self-pride as well as visual style, so that one is tempted to equate their artistic competence with their competence at being themselves." -Roger Cardinal: The "Self" in Charles Russell's Self-Taught Art.

Our Favorite Websites:
· rawvision.com
· outsider.art.org
· artbrut.ch
· folkart.org
· creativegrowth.org
· southernfolklore.com
· vsarts.org
· hospitalaudiences.org
· graceart.org
· mennellomuseum.com
· high.org
· themorris.org
· kyfolkart.org
· noma.org
· msmuseumart.org
· folkartmuseum.org
· gugging.org

Our Favorite Books:
· Outsider Art by Roger Cardinal (out of print)
· Raw Creation by John Maizels
· Self-Taught Art by Charles Russell (collection of essays)
· Passionate Visions by Alice Rae Yelen
· Cellblock Visions by Phyllis Kornfeld
· Self-Taught, Outsider, and Folk Art by Betty-Carol Sellen
· Discovering Child Art by Jonathan Fineberg (essays)
· Outsider Art of the South by Kathy Moses
· Outsider Art by Colin Rhodes
· Marginalia by Cardinal, Rhodes, Van Berken, & Ten Berge
· Fantasy Worlds by Maizels
· Sonneastro: die Kunstler aus Gugging (german&english)
· Art Brut und psychiatrie (german text, great pictures)
· Art Brut by Lucienne Peiry (translated by Frank Flammarion)
· The Discovery of the Art of the Insane by John M. McGregor
· Souls Grown Deep by Paul and William Arnett
· Self-Taught And Outsider Art by Anthony Petullo
· The Innocent Eye by Jonathan Fineberg