The field of outsider art is a complex and hotly debated one. The term is a bit of a catch-all that includes contemporary folk art, third world art, visionary, naive, and self-taught art. It includes the art of the insane and prison inmates as well as the art of children. It can be primitive or obsessive. What it is not, is part of the artistic mainstream. What it will be in the future is uncertain.

Presented here is a collection of resources that can aid you as you begin to learn or continue to study the fascinating field of outsider art.

We have most of these books at the gallery. Feel free to stop by and test- drive one before you buy. Think of us as Cleveland's outsider art library. We also sell Raw Vision. Come by and pick up a copy if you don't already get the magazine at home. If you know of any other great outsider art web sites or books that we should have linked here, shoot us an e-mail and let us know.