Alexandra Huber
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Bored with her work-a-day life, Alexandra Huber (b. 1955) began painting around 1990 -- at home, after work and with no formal training. Her work was first shown in her hometown of Munich, Germany in 1992 and in very little time she became one of Europe's most acclaimed and sought after self-taught artists. In the ensuing ten years, Huber's work has grown larger and more complex. Her large canvases often contain smaller drawings collaged into them. And she finds arresting new ways of using her "Esperanto of signs." Using childlike stick figures as a symbolic "Nobody" she imbues her works with intense emotional content, "intangible, because incorporeal, he is the ideal protagonist for all human lamenting, suffering, hoping, and thinking. What Nobody will admit to, 'Nobody' has done. What everyone wishes, 'Nobody' expresses." Alexandra Huber is a major talent whose work gets deeper and stronger with time. She has shown in major galleries all over Europe and America. Her work garnered tremendous attention at the New York City Outsider Art Fair in recent years. Her first museum show will be in the Fall of 2002 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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